Celebrating Modernism

Palm Springs is taking this week in February to celebrate the great impact and stunning beauty that can come from Modernism design and architecture.

Palm Springs Modernism Week, find out more at

Modernism is characterized by its clean strong lines and often of bit of deconstructing the usual scene of things.  If you are unfamiliar with the distinctive qualities of Modernist Architecture, just imagine buildings that seem uniquely “50’s” to you, or think of probably the most famous architect to use the Modernist style, Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry’s The IAC Building New York, New York

Do you have a favorite art or architecture movement?  We at Townsend do love the abstract-ness of modernism, the clean defined lines, and the creative use of interesting materials.

And being a fan of all things design and architecture we are excited to share about this event, but since we cant all be in beautiful sunny Palm Springs we suggest taking some time to appreciate the modern design, art, and architecture in and around your home town.

Below is a photo of a modernist inspired beauty not to far from us in upstate New York, just over the state line in the Berkshire mountains, the Berkshire House XIII.