Out on the floor...

You don’t always get a behind-the-scenes look at how the stuff your buy, desire, and use gets made.  But with so much exciting stuff happening every day here at Townsend Leather, we would feel remiss if we didn’t share some glimpses of that with you.

Here at our blog you can take a peak at the magic inside of Townsend Leather, in our reoccurring feature “Out on the floor…”

This time we take a quick stop by the Dry Drum department.

Townsend Leather partner, Dave, pulls some luxurious Taj Pearl leather from the drums.  

The Dry Drum department serves multiple functions, but one bit of magic that happens here is, one more step toward creating the leathers incredible suppleness.  All that tumbling and rolling helps makes the leather soft and creamy.  You can see the leather just spilling out of the drums as he gently pulls it to spread it out over the “horse” that will hold the leather.  

Let us know if there’s a particular area of leather production that you’ve always wanted to explore more.