Threadneedles Hotel, London

Threadneedles Hotel, London

Abstract Art Cowhide in Lunar Eclipse for Headboards in Threadneedles Hotel, London

Townsend sales representatives Tim Beckett and Jean Luc DeLouche were on various calls in London in early 2012.  They had with them special samples demonstrating new techniques that Townsend’s Hand-tipping department had been working on.  They were done with paintbrush, stencils, sponges and other non-traditional techniques.  They planned to show these samples only to a boutique handbag maker but decided on a whim to also show to interior designer, Ivana Cermovic at Jestico & Whiles, who was working on a very special hotel project at the time.

Ivana had been looking for something new and unique when she met with Tim and Jean Luc and the samples she saw overwhelmed her with all the new possibilities.  Immediately following the meeting, Ivana sent Townsend the exact design she was looking for.  The design was inspired by a large tapestry of a sun; the concept was that of a lunar eclipse – with a sun in the middle and black sky around the outside.  She envisioned this look on headboards of the Threadneedles Hotel in London that was being completed in time for the 2012 London Olympics.  Townsend quickly set to work to bring Ivana’s idea to life and in the deadline at hand.

The installation and final look was very well-received by the hotel owner who loved the rooms.  You can see this captivating design and the use of this very special and unique leather in the featured photos.

This one-of-a-kind project demonstrates that Townsend’s specialty is working in conjunction with interior designers on whatever concepts they can dream up, and interpreting this vision on leather.  With today’s blend of technology and old-world craftsmanship, the sky is the limit for what can be done to customize leather that adds a never-before-imagined creative touch to any interior design.